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Changes Firefox 29 beta9 to 29build1

Avril 23rd, 2014
9 changesets 29 files changed 155 insertions 292 deletions ExtensionOccurrences js8 cpp7 h4 html3 css2 py1 list1 jsm1 idl1 ModuleOccurrences toolkit17 js4 browser3 testing1 modules1 layout1 editor1 List of changeset… suite »

Changes Firefox 29 beta 8 to beta 9

Avril 19th, 2014
34 changesets 56 files changed 490 insertions 270 deletions ExtensionOccurrences cpp16 h10 js8 html8 xml3 jsm2 in2 css2 xul1 sjs1 nsi1 ini1 idl1 ModuleOccurrences content13 browser10 gfx7 js5 widget4 extensions4 tool… suite »

Changes Firefox 29 beta7 to beta8

Avril 16th, 2014
57 changesets 93 files changed 1892 insertions 409 deletions ExtensionOccurrences js25 css13 cpp8 xml6 jsm6 java5 xul4 ini3 mn2 html2 h2 json1 inc1 c1 ModuleOccurrences browser36 services14 mobile11 content3 js2 imag… suite »

Changes Firefox 29 beta6 to beta7

Avril 11th, 2014
This beta is a bit bigger than the beta6. It fixes some UI bugs, two bugs in the Gamepad API and some top crash bugs like bug 976536 or bug 987248. suite »

Changes Firefox 29 beta5 to beta6

Avril 8th, 2014
The number of changeset has decreased (23 for beta6 compared to 43 for beta5). This is usually a good sign. In this release, some top crashes have been fixed and some last bugs for Australis has been address. suite »