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Rebuild of Debian using Clang 3.4

Mars 21st, 2014
Using the AWS donation, David Suarez and myself have been able to rebuild the whole archive with Clang 3.4. Releases after releases, the results are getting better and better. Currently, 2193 packages in the archive are failing to build from source.… suite »

-bash: /bin/ls: No such file or directory

September 19th, 2006
If you have done a mistake/lost the /lib/ directory. Example : mv lib lib. And you are stuck without anything working : # ls -bash: /bin/ls: No such file or directory Don't waste your time in a reinstallation, there is a trick : /lib./… more »

Monitoring a specific virtualhost apache

December 29th, 2005
Monitoring apache quite easy. There are plenty of solutions to do that. When it comes to monitore virtualhost one by one, it starts to be difficult. Of course, there is always the solution of using stats softwares but usually, it is not really time and… more »

Bug fixes admin & dev

November 2nd, 2005
Three small problems at work/personnal today. I had to update the kernel of my boss's computer (running Ubuntu) in order to change an include.h into the GNU/Linux kernel (no more modification in the kernel). Then, I rebooted the computer but the data… more »

L'importance de l'optimisation

Novembre 1st, 2005
La fréquentation... On l'espère sur chacun des sites que l'on lance. Une des contre partie est l'accroissement de ressources utilisées. J'avais pas réalisé comment un trafic très important peut impacter rapidement un serveur via un site mal optimisé.… suite »