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Interview in FLOSS for Science

Juillet 20th, 2012
A couple weeks ago, I have been interviewed by the news site "Free Libre open source software for science and engineering" about Scilab and my work in Scilab Enterprises. I am happy to share it:… suite »

Google Summer of code at Scilab

Avril 29th, 2010
First, a quick news. Scilab 5.2.2 has been released a few days and he now available in the Debian archive (Debian Unstable for now). It is mostly a performance improvements and bug fixes release. See the changelog. Second, for a second year, Scilab is… suite »

Update of the linear algebra libraries in Debian

April 6th, 2010
In the numerical computing world, the cornerstones libraries are BLAS and LAPACK. They have been used in most of the numerical software for decades (like Scilab, R, numpy, OpenOffice with calc, etc). During that time, many implementations appeared to… more »

A few news around Scilab (packaging & other stuff)

Décembre 30th, 2008
Here is a quick list of new things around Scilab (note that it is slightly modified message of the one I sent on the dev mailing list). Sagemath - it is a software which combines the power of various opensource software. A Experimental "Scilab/Sage… suite »

Présentation aux RMLL sur le changement de licence de Scilab

Juillet 4th, 2008
Aujourd'hui, j'étais présent à Mont de Marsan aux RMLL: les rencontres mondiales du Logiciel Libre. Outre assister à quelques conférences, j'étais surtout présent pour présenter un travail qui m'a bien occupé (tout en me passionnant) ces derniers mois:… suite »