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Carrière de Meudon

Janvier 6th, 2009
Très proche de Paris, les carrières de Meudon sont vraiment superbes. Une excellente vidéo de Gre montre l'ambiance qu'il y règne: Carrieres from gre on Vimeo. Panoramique dans les carrières de Meudon Une belle chatière Bougies Pot souterrain suite »

2 days in Belgium

Août 28th, 2006
A friend asked me last thursday my plans for the week end and because i had plan nothing and it was a long time I haven't seen Belgium we decided to go there for the Week end. He met his girlfriend and I spent the Week end with ex-flatmates of Brussels.… suite »

Past , Present and Future

August 20th, 2006
Almost one year ago I was completely busy packing my stuffs and getting ready to leave down under. Now the year past and I am back in France. One year traveling around Oceania ( Australia & New Zealand ), working in different jobs all around OZ, was… more »