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Comment from: gamo [Visitor]

“France is deeply into my heart for all her History and Culture but the country get old. The way of thinking of people and society is so many miles away.”

I can only agree with you …

2006-08-24 @ 20:37
Comment from: Glo [Visitor]

Ca serais sympa si tu pouvais corriger les fautes dans tes textes….plutot dur dur a lire!!!
review your english grammar please!!!



2006-09-02 @ 06:05
Comment from: laila [Visitor]

I just can agree about that. I lived the same as you but in Canada. And i definitly share the same feelings!

So good to think that somebody is thinking the same as you. When I talk to my friends and tell them that I’ll not stay forever in France they can understand and think that I’m fucking off my head. But I can guess the futur of that Old France, thanks to that experience…

see ya!

2007-01-15 @ 23:37

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