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Changes Firefox 29 beta2 to beta3

Mars 31st, 2014
In order to improve the feedback and the beta releases of Firefox, we are going to start publishing some information on beta releases. For this, we are using the mercurial repository and using these two tags/revisions: FIREFOX_29_0b2_RELEASE FIREFOX_29… suite »

Rebuild of Debian using Clang 3.4

Mars 21st, 2014
Using the AWS donation, David Suarez and myself have been able to rebuild the whole archive with Clang 3.4. Releases after releases, the results are getting better and better. Currently, 2193 packages in the archive are failing to build from source.… suite »

MozillaReleases account on Twitter

Mars 21st, 2014
Lately, we, the release team at Mozilla, have started to use again the MozillaReleases account on Twitter. We are publishing news about the releases, new features, interesting bugs, etc. If you have suggestions (more technical, more bug reports, e… suite »

scan-build on the llvm toolchain runs nightly

Mars 15th, 2014
Just a small blog post to LLVM developers that the automatic scan-build reports on LLVM+Clang+LLDB+compiler-rt are now run using LLVM nightly. That brings few advantages: * New checks quickly available for the LLVM developer community * Quick feedbacks… suite »

Testing Firefox ESR 24.4.0

Mars 12th, 2014
Next week, March 18th, in parallel of the new major release of Firefox, we will be publishing our next stable release (24.4.0). For those who are not familiar with ESR (Extended Support Release), Mozilla maintains a specific version of Firefox for about… suite »