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Debian & LLVM events

Janvier 17th, 2014
Being a bit hyperactive, I have been involved in the organization of two events. I am the main organizer with Alexandre Delanoë of the Mini Debconf 2014 in Paris, January 18 & 19th. The (great) planning is available here:… suite »

Debian France shop

Janvier 15th, 2014
During the month of December, we have been working with folks from En Vente Libre to create a shop with Debian products. We have now a shop with plenty of Debian products. Most of them are already known by the co… suite »

Some thoughts concerning LLVM & Clang and their evolutions: Release of LLVM & Clang 3.4

Janvier 15th, 2014
We just released LLVM & Clang 3.4. The clang new release introduces some more warning and error detections. The point of the blog post is not to detail the changes (LLVM / Clang) but more to take a step back on the LLVM and Clang toolchains. For… suite »