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Clang 3.3 and Debian

Août 19th, 2013
The LLVM toolchain version 3.3 has been released a couple months ago. Here are now the result of the rebuild of Debian archive using this version of the compiler. Like the previous releases, we are at around 12% of packages failing. More warnings / e… suite »

Video of Debconf 13 available on the IRILL website

Août 19th, 2013
While raw videos of the previous Debconf are available on: We, at IRILL, are glad to provide a nice HTML5 interface (and flash if HTML5 videos are not available) to browse all the videos of Debconf 13:… suite »

Merchandising at Debconf

Août 12th, 2013
Merchandising at Debconf
Debian France and Debian Swiss associations are now selling products at Debconf. We are now selling Buff suite »

Switch to OpenJDK 7

Août 5th, 2013
As announcement on debian-devel-announce, I just uploaded java-common version 0.49. This version changes the default version of OpenJDK to version 7. That means that packages depending on default-jdk/default-jre will be now built with OpenJDK 7 (inst… suite »