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News on Debian & clang

Juillet 24th, 2012
A couple week ago, during the last debconf (Debian Conference) in Managua/Nicaragua, I presented the latest developments about the inclusion of clang in the Debian architecture. To sum up (details are available in the slides and the video), the rebuild… suite »

Who is in control of LLVM/Clang ?

Juillet 22nd, 2012
During my various chats and presentations on LLVM/Clang, one of the common criticism on LLVM/Clang is about the Apple's (supposed?) control on the platform. Even if I am not concerned by this concern, here are some statistics about the development.… suite »

Interview in FLOSS for Science

Juillet 20th, 2012
A couple weeks ago, I have been interviewed by the news site "Free Libre open source software for science and engineering" about Scilab and my work in Scilab Enterprises. I am happy to share it:… suite »