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Changes Firefox 30 beta4 to beta5

Mai 20th, 2014
37 changesets 97 files changed 791 insertions 323 deletions ExtensionOccurrences cpp21 html16 js15 h9 css8 list3 ini3 webidl2 py2 mozbuild2 mn2 jsm2 xul1 xml1 mm1 gypi1 build1 ModuleOccurrences layout18 browser18 gfx… suite »

Changes Firefox 30 beta3 to beta4

Mai 20th, 2014
20 changesets 26 files changed 757 insertions 492 deletions ExtensionOccurrences cpp6 jsm4 js4 ini3 html2 h2 xul1 txt1 nsi1 nsh1 css1 ModuleOccurrences browser7 dom5 content4 caps4 toolkit2 services1 netwerk1 layout1… suite »