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Who is in control of LLVM/Clang ?

Juillet 22nd, 2012

During my various chats and presentations on LLVM/Clang, one of the common criticism on LLVM/Clang is about the Apple's (supposed?) control on the platform.

Even if I am not concerned by this concern, here are some statistics about the development. Basically, I used the git history to build a list of all the author. If domain names were clear (ex:,, etc), I used them for the paternity of the commit. If there were not clear (ex:,, I dig on the web to find the employer (Linkedin was my friend).

Of course, identifying individuals are pretty tough. Their percentages can be considered as a minimal figure.

Full history

10 000 commits (about a year)
3 000 commits (~a month)

To sum up, we can easily see that the percentage of contributions of Apple is decreasing over the time.
However, we all know that the number of commits is not the best metric to measure the control of one on a project.

Source: Processed data (please contact me in case of mistake)