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About optimization flags in software

Septembre 6th, 2013
Following a thread on the Clang mailing list, I did a quick analysis of the optimization flags used to build C or C++ code. I used a rebuild result from last mid July of all Debian native packages (meaning that I don't have the log of full Java, Pyth… suite »

Clang 3.3 and Debian

Août 19th, 2013
The LLVM toolchain version 3.3 has been released a couple months ago. Here are now the result of the rebuild of Debian archive using this version of the compiler. Like the previous releases, we are at around 12% of packages failing. More warnings / e… suite »

LLVM toolchain packages

Juillet 7th, 2013
In parallel of my recent work on the LLVM Debian/Ubuntu nightly packages, I uploaded the same packages for the latest stable release of the llvm toolchain. By toolchain, this means LLVM + Clang + compiler-rt + polly + LLDB. suite »

Automatic scan-build on the LLVM toolchain

Juillet 6th, 2013
After setting an automatic code coverage tool, I just plugged an automatic scan-build on the LLVM toolchain trunk: Note that: * polly is currently not analyzed. I had to disable the build until the new v… suite »

Follow up on Debian & Clang

Mai 6th, 2013
A week after the Euro LLVM conference, I am glad to share the results I presented and discussed during the event. 1) Parallel building infrastructure using clang instead of gcc Based on the work that Alexander Pashaliyski and I did during the GSoC… suite »