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A New feed: Debian uploads

Avril 9th, 2013
After the Debian new packages, removal and bugs feeds (see the previous blog posts), I also plugged a feed with the last uploads in the archive: Debian uploads on Debian uploads on Twitter As a reminder, here is the list. For Debian… suite »

LLVM Debian/Ubuntu nightly packages

Avril 3rd, 2013
Lately, I have been working on providing nightly packages of the whole LLVM toolchain. With the help of folks from Intel, Google and Apple, I am happy to announce the publication of these packages: Built through a Jenkins instance… suite »

Rebuild of Debian using clang 3.2

Février 6th, 2013
After the studies of the rebuild of the Debian archive using clang 2.9 & 3.0 and 3.1, the results of the 3.2 rebuild have been published on The percentage of failure is the same as clang 3.1: 12.1% of failure. That means… suite »

Some more cool stuff with LLVM/Clang

Janvier 12th, 2013
One of the drawback of C is the hard memory management. It is because of this aspect that Clang provides a way to detect, at runtime, memory errors. Called Address Sanitizer, it allows, while the program is running, to keep track of the memory and… suite »

Mini Debconf 2012 - videos and feedbacks

Décembre 12th, 2012
A bit more than two weeks after the Mini Debconf in Paris, I am glad to say that the videos of the event are finally published (the sound is not very good for the 4 first presentations, sorry about that). They will be also available on the new IRILL… suite »