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Back from the dead

April 6th, 2010

I know, my blog is pretty much dead. Not much time to blog on my various travels.
However, I am going to try to resurrect it for Debian and Scilab.

My next messages related to Debian will be also published on Debian Planet.

A few news around Scilab (packaging & other stuff)

Décembre 30th, 2008

Here is a quick list of new things around Scilab (note that it is slightly modified message of the one I sent on the dev mailing list).

  • Sagemath - it is a software which combines the power of various opensource software.

    A Experimental "Scilab/Sage package" is planed for Sage 3.4 and an experimental package by Jaap Spies is already available

  • Debian/Ubuntu
    Packages are available on my Scilab homepage
    Debian packages are up-to-date (5.0.3-2). I will to upload the new Ubuntu's packages in 2009 (for now, it is 5.0.3-1 which is working too). I might backport them to Debian Lenny (future stable) & Ubuntu Hardy.

  • Mandriva
    Tomasz Pawel Gajc (a regular Mandriva contributor) created a package available on

  • Opensuse
    A Scilab package for Opensuse has been created by Andrea Florio.
    It is available on packman
    and should be included in the next version of opensuse.
    Note that Mandriva & Opensuse packages have been created for Scilab 5.0.3 and I applied most of their patches (or update some part of the code) for Scilab 5.0.4.

  • Redhat/Fedora
    The work is still going on.
    They are also doing a great work packaging the misc dependencies but they are a bit stuck about the JOGL packaging (jogl and glugen should produce two different packages ... which I should also do in Debian/Ubuntu too)

  • Arch Linux
    It is also available under Arch Linux by Simon Lipp (one of our former trainee).

  • Gentoo
    A bit stuck for now but some activities have been seen lately around on jrosetta (one of the dependency introduced by Scilab 5).

  • Slackware
    Scilab has been packaged by the Italian Slackware community. It is available on their website. I don't know if it is going to be included in Slackware by default or not;

Guake: New in Debian

August 27th, 2008

Thanks to my great & usual sponsor, I have uploaded a new package into Debian (therefore in Ubuntu)
This package is a drop-down terminal for Gnome. Drop-down means basically the ² key in Quake 2 (where it takes his name). Just press the F12 key and quickly, your terminal will be displayed. Press it again, it disappears.

Screen of Guake over a Firefox

Guake Website
Debian's package page

Debian Science policy

August 12th, 2008

We are finally publishing the work on the Debian Science policy. This page is automatically generated from the git repository. It is a still a draft but the core is there.

In the meantime, we are still maintaining the Science CDD [1]. Inputs are welcome to improve this list.

For more information, please have a look on the Debian Wiki

[1] CDD: Custom Debian Distribution: a subset of Debian that is configured to support a particular target group out-of-the-box.

Présentation aux RMLL sur le changement de licence de Scilab

Juillet 4th, 2008

Aujourd'hui, j'étais présent à Mont de Marsan aux RMLL: les rencontres mondiales du Logiciel Libre. Outre assister à quelques conférences, j'étais surtout présent pour présenter un travail qui m'a bien occupé (tout en me passionnant) ces derniers mois: le changement de licence de Scilab.
J'ai effectué cette présentation dans la section communauté des RMLL. Clin d'oeil, le responsable de cette section est Benoît Sibaud, président de l'APRIL qui est justement l'auteur de la page détaillant les, désormais anciens, problèmes de licence Scilab.
Présentation qui s'est très bien déroulée avec des questions souvent judicieuses et pertinentes.
J'ai assisté à quelques présentations intéressantes comme celle de Lucas Nussbaum sur le fonctionnement de Debian, de Hugues Prisker de EDF R & D sur le calcul HPC et le libre chez EDF ou de Arnaud Laprévote sur le projet GGCC

Pour ceux que ça intéresse: Passage de Scilab sous une licence libre aux RMLL le 3 juillet 2008