Video of Debconf 13 available on the IRILL website

Août 19th, 2013

While raw videos of the previous Debconf are available on:

We, at IRILL, are glad to provide a nice HTML5 interface (and flash if HTML5 videos are not available) to browse all the videos of Debconf 13:

Merchandising at Debconf

Août 12th, 2013
Merchandising at Debconf

Debian France and Debian Swiss associations are now selling products at Debconf.

We are now selling

23 CHF / 18 euros
Black polo
31 CHF / 25 euros
Rugby polo
50 CHF / 40 euros
13 CHF / 10 euros

We have also some new hoodies.
They come in 4 colors: black, white, grey and dark blue.
With or without zip:

Without zip: 44 CHF / 35 euros
With zip: 50 CHF / 40 euros

With also have hats:

Price: 10 CHF / 9 euros

We have also the Debian umbrellas and knifes.

Photo credit Kibi

For those who are at Debconf, they are for sell at the Debconf front desk from 4 to 6 and will be probably available for sell on enventelibre after the event.

Switch to OpenJDK 7

Août 5th, 2013

As announcement on debian-devel-announce, I just uploaded java-common version 0.49. This version changes the default version of OpenJDK to version 7.

That means that packages depending on default-jdk/default-jre will be now built with OpenJDK 7 (instead of the 6) and also that the java/javac commands will be providing Java 7.
I also used the opportunity of this upload to update the Java policy.

LLVM toolchain packages

Juillet 7th, 2013

In parallel of my work on the LLVM Debian/Ubuntu nightly packages, I uploaded a couple months ago the same packages for the stable releases of the LLVM toolchain. By toolchain, this means LLVM + Clang + Clang extra tools + compiler-rt + polly + LLDB.
Previously, they were packaged as separate source packages. Making the maintenance harder and, especially, limiting the packaging of LLDB and polly.

Currently, we have in the archive:

For the 3.2 release, I am planning to focus on RC bug fixes.
The 3.3 and snapshot releases will get the feature improvements.
llvm-default will point to the 3.3 release once it builds on all architectures and it reached testing aka Jessie (probably during summer).

Automatic scan-build on the LLVM toolchain

Juillet 6th, 2013

After setting an automatic code coverage tool, I just plugged an automatic scan-build on the LLVM toolchain trunk:

Note that:

  • polly is currently not analyzed. I had to disable the build until the new version of cloog is available.

  • compiler-rt is not analyzed because it does not respect the CC/CXX argument to use the clang built locally [1]. Not sure it is a bug here.

This work is done through the Debian/LLVM jenkins instance.
The report is updated twice a day.
The scan-build/clang used to produce the report is the one published on That means that a new feature/fix done on scan-build will appear only about a day after on report. As a side effect, it tests automatically the packages distributed on

For a project of this size, the number of reported errors / warnings is pretty low. At time of writing, only 329 errors are reported and many of them are in generated code ( and LLDBWrapPython.cpp for example) or in unit tests.

/tmp/buildd/llvm-toolchain-snapshot-3.4~svn185728/build-llvm/Release/bin/clang -fno-exceptions -fPIC -funwind-tables -I/tmp/buildd/llvm-toolchain-snapshot-3.4~svn185728/projects/compiler-rt/lib -I/tmp/buildd/llvm-toolchain-snapshot-3.4~svn185728/projects/compiler-rt/include -Wall -Werror -O3 -fomit-frame-pointer -m64 -fPIE -fno-builtin -gline-tables-only -fno-rtti -DASAN_FLEXIBLE_MAPPING_AND_OFFSET=1 -c -o /tmp/buildd/llvm-toolchain-snapshot-3.4~svn185728/build-llvm/tools/clang/runtime/compiler-rt/clang_linux/asan-x86_64/x86_64/SubDir.lib__sanitizer_common/sanitizer_symbolizer_itanium.o /tmp/buildd/llvm-toolchain-snapshot-3.4~svn185728/projects/compiler-rt/lib/sanitizer_common/