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Debian / Twitter feed: removed packages

Août 29th, 2011
After a request from Olivier Berger, I developed the Removed packages feed for Debian. This feed lists packages removed from the Debian Archive. Debian removed packages on Debian removed packages on Twitter For more information about rem… suite »

sun-java6 packages removed soon from Debian/Ubuntu (and all other linux distros)

Août 26th, 2011
For the story, due to license reasons, the version of Java packaged in Linux distributions is not the same as the one released on the official website. Each time a new version of Java is was released, Sun/Oracle people are were publishing a other dist… suite »

Debian feeds on Identica / Twitter

Août 24th, 2011
During the Debconf 11 in Bosnia, I took the time to implement the following feeds: - Show the new packages submitted for inclusion in the Debian Archive (low traffic: 10 notices per day)… suite »

Status of LLVM in Debian

Mai 17th, 2011
Here is some updates on the LLVM world into Debian. LLVM and CLANG getting better and better after each release. After some lag, it is now time to have all these packages up-to-date into the archive. Here is an update of their status in Debian: L… suite »

Google Summer of code at Scilab

Avril 29th, 2010
First, a quick news. Scilab 5.2.2 has been released a few days and he now available in the Debian archive (Debian Unstable for now). It is mostly a performance improvements and bug fixes release. See the changelog. Second, for a second year, Scilab… suite »