Changes Firefox 29 beta6 to beta7

Avril 11th, 2014
This beta is a bit bigger than the beta6. It fixes some UI bugs, two bugs in the Gamepad API and some top crash bugs like bug 976536 or bug 987248. suite »

Changes Firefox 29 beta5 to beta6

Avril 8th, 2014
The number of changeset has decreased (23 for beta6 compared to 43 for beta5). This is usually a good sign. In this release, some top crashes have been fixed and some last bugs for Australis has been address. suite »

Changes Firefox 29 beta4 to beta5

Avril 4th, 2014
Firefox 29 beta 5 has just been pushed to the mirror. This release is similar to beta3 and beta4 is term of number of commits but their total size has been divided by 2. In this beta, some critical bugs fixed, various sync improvements and, obviously, A… suite »

Changes Firefox 29 beta3 to beta4

Avril 2nd, 2014
Firefox 29 beta 4 Desktop has just been released. In term of numbers (changeset or diff), this release is similar to the beta 3. That won't be a surprise but most of the changes in this beta have been related to Australis, Sync and the UITour. 46 cha… suite »

Changes Firefox 29 beta2 to beta3

Mars 31st, 2014
In order to improve the feedback and the beta releases of Firefox, we are going to start publishing some information on beta releases. For this, we are using the mercurial repository and using these two tags/revisions: FIREFOX_29_0b2_RELEASE FIREFOX_29… suite »