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Commentaire de: Ivan [Visiteur]

Linux distros have been applying the i18n patch to GNU coreutils since 2001. I’m guessing that this project has i18n support out of the box, but can you please confirm? If it does maybe you should mention that as a selling point over GNU coreutils.

29.01.22 @ 18:54
Commentaire de: [Membre]

@ivan, for now, nothing has been done on the l10n side.

Should not be too hard but low priority for now :)

29.01.22 @ 19:00
Commentaire de: Jacob [Visiteur]

Reducing the size of binaries at this point may be tricky, given the argument parser story in rust right now.
From a compatibility point of view, clap is the best fit, and is recommended for most use cases.
It does however, bloat the binary by close to a megabyte.
Other parsers such as argh have much smaller footprint, but don’t support things like “—arg=value”, which may make the compatibility story much harder.

One might wonder what the gap is there, and whether forking argh or a similar arg parser is an option here.

30.01.22 @ 10:19
Commentaire de: Divlo [Visiteur]

Awesome, really a great project idea!
Looking foward to have Debian and Ubuntu switch by default.
Is there is any tracking issue to know when it will be stable (1.0.0) and maybe replaced entirely in Ubuntu/Debian?

I’m wondering once the project will have feature/behavior parity with GNU coreutils and that it will be used by lot of users: is GNU coreutils will continue to be maintained and is staying up to date with GNU coreutils will not be too hard?

31.01.22 @ 00:12
Commentaire de: [Membre]

@Divlo it is still going to take a while to have it ready for Debian but I will communicate here and on twitter significant progress!

Whatever happens, GNU coreutils still stay around for decades ;)

02.02.22 @ 18:27

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