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On the one hand, I’d absolutely love using well written utilities that I spend 50% of my terminal time on.

I bet they would add colors and what not.

On the other, I have to wonder if the people writing the new stuff understand things in and out enough to be able to cover every last case. I mean if my cp is silently doing data corruption in some edge case, that won’t be worth the productivity I gained from using better developed new tools

09.03.21 @ 11:54
Commentaire de: Jörg Sommer [Visiteur]  
Jörg Sommer

Interesting project!

Can you elaborate, why the Rust package is so much bigger than the C package?

09.03.21 @ 22:35
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@Jorg because crates are directly shipped into the final binary. No work has been done to minimize the size.

There are some options to do it: https://github.com/johnthagen/min-sized-rust

10.03.21 @ 16:34

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