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Commentaire de: Francesco Pretto [Visiteur]
Francesco Pretto

I think Clang should stop having just a single command line toolset. It should have a compatibility interface for gcc, with same switches and warning/error handling as gcc, and a Clang main frontend, with possibily different switches and different default settings for warnings/error.

24.08.17 @ 15:35
Commentaire de: Jeff [Visiteur]

I think stopping the goal of switching is a mistake. LLVM has better sanitizers (which help portability and security), more frequent releases (which make it easier to adopt new versions), and seems to be the basis for a lot of new research in compilers.

The bugs that prevent the switch are, at this point, generally real bugs in the code.

18.12.17 @ 01:19
Commentaire de: eMPee584 [Visiteur]

Regardless of the decision to stop the debian migration endeavour, it definitely has had positive ripple effects on code quality throughout the vast free software ecosystem.
Thanks for all your effort Sylvestre! : )

18.02.18 @ 10:11

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