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Commentaire de: Rogério Brito [Visiteur]  
Rogério Brito

Hi, Sylvestre.

Congrats on the new job. Just a speculative thing: do you plan on experimenting with compilation/speed comparisons of firefox/iceweasel with clang against gcc?

I guess that this would be a super nice thing to know about the browsers.

Before I do something like this, would you anticipate any improvement at all from excluding features from firefox (e.g., accessibility features, parental controls etc.) as is advertised by this unofficial build for windows:



Thanks for any insight,

24.02.14 @ 04:34
Commentaire de: [Membre]

Sorry, I missed your comment.

I am not planning to do that soon but that would be nice.
By the way, clang is already the compiler used to be Firefox under Mac OS X.

15.03.14 @ 11:54

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