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Commentaire de: 1052 [Visiteur]

It is a Google development, and it will also be available in GCC 4.8

13.01.13 @ 12:10
Commentaire de: Robert [Visiteur]

Just as long as we don’t get loads of half baked patches to “quieten AddressSanitizer” now (a la OpenSSL).

13.01.13 @ 14:32
Commentaire de: Jake [Visiteur]

“even if the error is obvious", make that plural. You can see it in the error report: “..is located 5 bytes inside of 80-byte region..". Why an 80 byte region for a 10 char array? Because it’s allocating 10 char pointers, which, on 64-bit architecture, are 8 byte. The malloc should get (10 * sizeof(char)).

13.01.13 @ 15:17

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