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Commentaire de: aim [Visiteur]

any plans to include this into ubuntu?

29.02.12 @ 23:38
Commentaire de: [Membre]

Ubuntu is regularly synchronizing against Debian… So, it should come sooner or later.

29.02.12 @ 23:44
Commentaire de: gebi [Visiteur]

Thx for bringing java-package back!
Btw… i update the sun-java6 package regularly to make it work with the newest java 6 version.


01.03.12 @ 13:31
Julian Andres Klode

Not only corporations, also everyone wanting to use applets basically needs Oracle’s Java build, as the free plugin basically does not work with many sites.

01.03.12 @ 14:31
Commentaire de: [Membre]

Julian: apt-get install icedtea-web

01.03.12 @ 14:40
Commentaire de: mirabilos [Visiteur]

This is… well, not great, but useful. Not great because, in my heart, I’m fully behind throwing it out. Useful because, to update mksh in Android AOSP, I need to be able to build and test-boot it – and Google is still depending on Sun J2SDK 6 for that.

I tried lenny’s package, but first had to patch it to accept two-digit patchlevels and amd64 packages, and THEN ran into the problem that update-java-alternatives didn’t like the result. At all. If this tool version does it better, I’m bought.


01.03.12 @ 22:37
Commentaire de: Manuel [Visiteur]

the sun-java6 package seems also to be updated/available here :


06.03.12 @ 14:57

Formulaire en cours de chargement...