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Commentaire de: FabFab [Visiteur]

Cant we make it simple like the flashplayer installer in ubuntu? A Package wich downloads the latest oracle-jre from the site and install it?

27.08.11 @ 14:22
Commentaire de: [Membre]

We could do that but we probably won’t. We could either take this opportunity to improve Openjdk.

27.08.11 @ 14:52
Commentaire de: Max [Visiteur]


I am not sure how to provide more useful information, but I have run into an issue that seems to be caused by openjdk:

When using the application ReplicatorG (http://replicat.org/), the 3-d rendering area is completely blank. However, when selecting “…jvm/java-6-sun” with update-alternatives, everything works fine.

This issue is illustrated here: http://maxlupo.com/media/misc/openjdk-sunjdk.png

And there is some discussion here: http://replicatorg.lighthouseapp.com/projects/66325/tickets/155-replicatorg-model-preview-doesnt-show-after-ubuntu-114-upgrade-natty

It could be an issue with ReplicatorG, or it could be an issue with openjdk, I am not sure. Please let me know how I can provide more useful information.

27.08.11 @ 16:02
Commentaire de: Aniruddha [Visiteur]

I use Crashplan ( www.crashplan.com ) which depends on sun-java6-jre. A lot of java programs I have used (e.g. citrix) seem to prefer the sun-java6-jre package.

27.08.11 @ 18:26
Commentaire de: Paul Wise [Visiteur]
Paul Wise

The way OpenJDK does font stuff is fundamentally wrong, this needs to be forwarded upstream and fixed there: #637246 #637250

28.08.11 @ 10:33
Commentaire de: Alexander E. Patrakov [Visiteur]
Alexander E. Patrakov

OpenJDK does not work with Raiffeisen Bank internet banking at https://connect.raiffeisen.ru/ . Namely, their applet allows me to sign the money order, but when I actually submit the signed order, the two JDKs behave differently. Sun JDK makes a POST request in a browser that results in the order being accepted. OpenJDK makes a GET request that fails with the 400 error because the resulting URL is too long (includes the whole legal document as text).

I understand that the bug description above is useless for reproducing a bug, because you don’t have an account in that bank. If you have any instructions for me that will let you reproduce the bug without the bank account, post them here or email to me.

28.08.11 @ 13:30
Commentaire de: [Membre]

@Paul: I am considering helping the Openjdk team for the packaging.
I could start on such aspects (I am also bored about such issues).

@Others: While I like to have feedbacks, real bug reports (with test cases which shows the issues) would be way more useful.

28.08.11 @ 15:30
Commentaire de: Tony White [Visiteur]
Tony White


28.08.11 @ 15:32
Commentaire de: [Membre]

Thanks for your input Tony ;)

28.08.11 @ 15:36
Commentaire de: eMBee [Visiteur]

i guess one could shed some tears about a non-free package becoming harder to install, but i hope this puts more pressure on fixing bugs in the openjdk.

i find it rather sad that after so many years of java being released under the GPL license that people are still prefering the non-free version.

greetings, eMBee.

29.08.11 @ 03:07
Commentaire de: JulienW [Visiteur]

My only concern is about JNLP. Hope the WIP in OpenJDK will be usable soon :-)

29.08.11 @ 08:00
Commentaire de: Toni Mueller [Visiteur]
Toni Mueller

Thanks for the heads-up!

It would certainly be good if someone could verify, and maybe ping intel & co, that all those Java-Web-Console applets (Webstart?) that modern hardware comes with, will run flawlessly with OpenJDK.

29.08.11 @ 17:13
Commentaire de: Cae [Visiteur]

Thanks for the heads up.

Like Alexander E. Patrakov above mentioned, I can’t get banking done with OpenJDK.

Any chance of a howto to help Debian users to properly install Oracle JDK?

30.08.11 @ 03:17
Commentaire de: mirabilos [Visiteur]

Cool! +1 for OpenJDK being the only one, finally… (besides gcj, of course)

31.08.11 @ 17:40

Formulaire en cours de chargement...