Howto Qmail with spamassassin

By Sylvestre Ledru June 2003
Version francaise
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(02/04/2002), Bug fix :
I just add a little bug fix for some OS which remove the +x on qmail-queue (the qmail-scanner is not concerned)
(01/11/2003), Qmail-scanner :
I had a new way of calling spamassassin client using qmail-scanner.
(23/07/2003), Preferences :
Matthew Francis sent me a quite good howto explaining how to get user preferences for spamassassin. It is available here.
(08/06/2003), Localisation :
If you want to change the language of the spam report (ie why the email has been tagged as a spam), just change the locales to your language (dpkg-reconfigure locales under debian) and install gettext (apt-get install gettext) and you will have the appropriate version (french for example)...
(11/03/2005), Update :
After almost two years without updates, my other howto about qmail is much more complet and uptodate, I clean this one :
- first method deprecated
- new version of spamassassin 3.0.X
- use of netqmail instead of qmail
- new version of qmail-scanner with the q-s-st patch (activation of Spamassassin just for a domain)

If you like this howto and you want to thank me for my work : here is my wishlist on Amazon - France or my Amazon US wishlist :)
If you are a corporation and you make some business thanks to my howto, we'll love to have a present from you (or just tell me who is using my howto).
Thank to Scott Kinkade for his cash donation. I really do appreciate.

If you want more informations about the intallation of qmail, I wrote a long howto about.
I wrote this howto because there is a lack of documentation about qmail with spamassassin.

This howto has been designed for qmail with vpopmail but it should work without a lot of modifications with something else than vpopmail.

Spamassassin is a very powerfull program which checks if the receveid email is a spam or not. The analys is based on a list of mark. If the sum of all the mark exceed a specified amount (for example 5), the email will be tagged (****SPAM**** in the topic).
With this, it is very easy to create a rule which will move all emails into a specific directory (i.e. trash:)

If you want to link Qmail with spamassassin, it is quite easy.
First, install spamassassin and install razor and pyzor if you want to use it.

Under debian :

apt-get install spamassassin You should use the "debian unstable or testing" version of spamassassin which, most of the time, will find more spam.

Under other system (Redhat, Suse, Solaris ...) : The latest version of spamassassin today is the version 3.0.2. The installation is almost the same, only a few directives changed.

tar -zxvf Mail-SpamAssassin-2.55.tar.gz
cd Mail-SpamAssassin-2.55
perl Makefile.PL
make install
cp spamd/ /etc/init.d/spamassassin You can replace debian by redhat, solaris, netbsd, suse ...
chmod +x /etc/init.d/spamassassin

Then, edit /etc/spamassassin/
Version 2.5X :

required_hits 6.0
rewrite_subject 1
report_header 1
use_terse_report 1
defang_mime 1
dns_available yes
dcc_add_header 1
use_pyzor 1 (Only if you have installed pyzor)
use_razor2 (Only if you have installed razor2)
use_dcc 1

Version 3 :

#Number of points to tag the spam required_hits 5.0 # Add the result in the header always_add_headers 1 # change the subject rewrite_subject 1 report_safe 1 use_terse_report 1 # dns checks (warning : increase the process length) dns_available yes dcc_add_header 0 # Don't skip the relay black list skip_rbl_checks 0 use_dcc 1 dcc_timeout 10 # Remote verification use_pyzor 1 pyzor_timeout 10 pyzor_add_header 1 # Never from the previous results auto_learn 1 # use the bayes filter use_bayes 1 # Where spamassassin must store these informations : bayes_path /var/qmail/spamassassin/ # Where he stores the auto white list results : auto_whitelist_path /var/qmail/spamassassin/auto_whitelist

If you want to have detailled information about spamassassin processing, add the line in the file : timelog_path /var/log/spamassassin, run the daemon with the -D option (so, specify it in the /etc/default/spamassassin file under debian), create the directory with appropriate rights (should be vpopmail). In the directory, you will have for each email a file which sum up the spamassassin process (it is a debug option !).

I use these rules. Feel free to change ! Documentation about this is available here : perldoc Mail::SpamAssassin::Conf

In /etc/default/spamassassin (if this file does not exist, create it)
Change ENABLED to 1, then add these options : - "-m 10 -v --auto-whitelist" for the version 2.5X.
- "-v -m 10 -u vpopmail --nouser-config" for the version 3
With that stuff, you can launch spamd which is bascilly a spamassassin deamon (provide great performances).
-m 10 => 10 childs
-v => vpopmail config
--auto-whitelist => Use auto whitelist (friend list)
Instead of spamassassin, you have to use spamc in order to test email.
There are some options "-c -u vpopmail" which enabled the creation of preferences for a domain or a user but it does not work very well for me.
/etc/init.d/spamassassin start

Next, the modification of qmail in order to check emails.
Basically, there are two kind of configuration for qmail :
- the fastest/easiest way is to change the qmail-queue in order to "introduce" the spamasssin check.Deprecated
- the cleanest way is to use qmail-scanner.

Changing the qmail-queue program

cp /var/qmail/bin/qmail-queue /var/qmail/bin/qmail-queue.orig
chown qmailq:qmail qmail-queue
chown qmailq:qmail qmail-queue.orig
chmod u+s qmail-queue.orig
chmod o+r,+x qmail-queue.orig qmail-queue Not fundamental but sometime it is necessary (depends the system)

mkdir /home/vpopmail/.spamassassin
cd /home/vpopmail
chmod 777 /home/vpopmail/.spamassassin

chown -R qmailq:qmail .spamassassin
chmod u=rwx,g=rx,o= /home/vpopmail/.spamassassin

Now, delete the content of the executable which manage the queue.

echo -n > /var/qmail/bin/qmail-queue

Then, edit the qmail-queue file and add this inside :

/usr/bin/spamc | /var/qmail/bin/qmail-queue.orig

I agree that it is a quick/dirty method. It causes some issues with the injection of a bounce in the queue. (qmail-queue is not planned to work this way).

With qmail-scanner - Visit for more informations

First, you have to patch qmail with the qmailqueue-patch or install netqmail which has already this plugin.
Qmail with the patch :

tar -zxvf qmail-1.03.tar.gz
cd qmail-1.03
patch -p1 < qmail-1.03.errno.patch
patch -p1 < qmailqueue-patch

With netqmail :

tar -zxvf netqmail-1.05.tar.gz
cd netqmail-1.05/
cd netqmail-1.05

Add the QMAILQUEUE parameter to the /etc/tcp.smtp file :,RELAYCLIENT="",QMAILQUEUE="/var/qmail/bin/"

Rehash tcpserver :

/usr/local/bin/tcprules /etc/tcp.smtp.cdb /etc/tcp.smtp.tmp < /etc/tcp.smtp
chmod 644 /etc/tcp.smtp.cdb

And then, install qmail-scanner with qmail-scanner-st
. qmail-scanner-st is a patched version a qmail-scanner which enabled great features like auto delete/reject/quarantine spam over a specified score but also to select which scanners will be used for a domain and even for a user, then, it is possible to configure the spamassassin / antivirus just for one domain/user.

wget wget
gunzip q-s-1.25st-20050207.patch.gz
tar -zxvf qmail-scanner-1.25.tgz
cd qmail-scanner-1.25/
patch -p1 < ../q-s-1.25st-20050207.patch
groupadd qscand
useradd -c "Qmail-Scanner Account" -g qscand -s /bin/false qscand
./configure --qs-user qscand --qs-group qscand --spooldir /var/spool/qmailscan --qmaildir /var/qmail --bindir /var/qmail/bin --qmail-queue-binary /var/qmail/bin/qmail-queue --admin-fromname "Mail admin" --admin postmaster --domain --notify sender,admin,recips --local-domains `cat /var/qmail/control/rcpthosts | tr "\n" " "` --silent-viruses auto --unzip 1 --add-dscr-hdrs 1 --archive 0 --redundant yes --log-crypto 0 --scanners "fast_spamassassin" --scanners-per-domain yes --sa-subject "*****SPAM*****" --sa-delete 5 --install 1

After the installation, if you want to change your preferences, you have to edit the /var/qmail/bin/ file. In this file, you can also add option for the spamassassin client.
If you want to enable/disable some scanners, edit the /var/spool/qmailscan/scanners_per_domain.txt
To rehash the scanner per domain file : /var/qmail/bin/ -p
To rehash the quarantine attachement file : /var/qmail/bin/ -g,ps,clamdscan_scanner

# sa = spamassassin
# ps = perl scanner

This should be enough to use SpamAssassin on the whole system.
I have to try to find how it can be linked with vpopmail in order to create preference for a specific domain or a specific user. (if someone knows :

Problems :
- link with vpopmail
This howto is inspired and corrected from :

Author : kevin binsfield ( poste le 04/12/2003 14:40
Comment :
Under install qmail-scanner-

./configure for english directions says to configure langauge in French. Since you have in red test to change domain name, add to change language preference.

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Author : Sean Treadway ( poste le 12/12/2003 11:04
Comment :
The way we setup spamassassin to be active for a single vpopmail domain is to add spamc to the pipeline in the .qmail-default file located in the vpopmail domain directory.

| /usr/local/bin/spamc -t 45 | /usr/local/vpopmail/bin/vdelivermail '' bounce-no-mailbox

This will check spam for all incoming mails without modification of the base qmail system. We trust all outgoing mails so we don't need to check them when they are queued.
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Author : vb () poste le 25/12/2003 09:14
Comment :
If you use the qmail-queue substitution method, don't forget to restart qmail after substituting qmail-queue.
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Author : () poste le 08/01/2004 19:20
Comment :
anyone know how to filter out flagged spam with maildrop using this example for all domains in the vpopmail domains dir?
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Author : arthur () poste le 23/01/2004 08:22
Comment :
If you're using RedHat, instead of modifying /etc/default/spamassassin create /etc/sysconfig/spamassassin and put int something like:
SPAMDOPTIONS="-d -m10 -v -a"

-d is to enable daemon mode (like ENABLE=1 in the /etc/default/spamassassin)
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Author : arthur () poste le 23/01/2004 08:41
Comment :
also, be sure to put the site config file in /etc/mail/spamassassin/ instead of /etc/spamassassin/
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Author : Marek Panek ( poste le 31/01/2004 14:09
Comment :
Great tutorial.
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Author : Corey ( poste le 20/02/2004 00:24
Comment :
I'm getting

warning: trouble injecting bounce message, will try later

Can someone help me on fixing this issue..
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Author : Bruno ( poste le 08/12/2004 16:04
Comment :
That's when you have installed spamassassin the cheap way with inserting the spamc in a qmail-queue script replacement calling the original qmail-queue after checking the mail for spam.

I had the same problem - the bounces aren't going out with this implementation. The only - imho - solution is to setup qmail-filter.

BUT: There's another problem, because qmail-filter needs a ./configure-parameter describing all your local domains. That's not really useful when using vpopmail on the mailserver...

I didn't find any solution on this. Please post if you know more - thanks.
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Author : Jackie ( poste le 17/12/2004 14:37
Comment :
This is how I resolved this

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Author : Kalan ( poste le 25/06/2005 00:57
Comment :
Worked wonders for me as well thanks a ton!
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Author : Asif ( poste le 01/03/2004 03:49
Comment :
I like the shell version of spamc pipe it to qmail-queue.orig. I wonder if there is a solution of using qmail-spamc that comes with the Mail::SpamAssassin/qmail folder ?
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Author : John (chee_ls at yahoo dot com) poste le 02/03/2004 07:05
Comment :
I'm currently using qmail for 3 accounts. Would like to install qmail-scanner and ScanAV. So I skipped all above and start from "With qmail-scanner".

I think I successfully patched qmailqueue-patch as I can see 2 files

then continue, when I reach ./configure... to install qmail-scanner, I receive error:
cannot find evidence of QMAILQUEUE in...

what should I do? should I start over again from "With qmail-scanner"?
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Author : manik ( poste le 16/03/2004 12:56
Comment :
I installed qmail+spamassassin with this document.But the error is,mails are not coming into queue, so is not received by the end-user.Thanks for any help
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Author : doug ( poste le 13/08/2005 06:32
Comment :
I have the same problem now, it won't deliver to the end user. it accepts the mail etc. but doesn't deliver.
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Author : doug ( poste le 13/08/2005 08:47
Comment :
ok heres the deal, this is how I fix that problem and I think it pertains to upgrading.

First remove the domain from locals, all that should be there is the FQDN, such as and not itself.

restart and try that.
if still not working try

svc -t /service/qmail-send

What I believe is happening is that qmail-send see's that its local domain and trys to delivery to the users on the box itself and not in vpopmail.

Btw this is a awesome HOWTO. If I wasn't broke so bad I would donate some money.

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Author : Søren Pedersen (-) poste le 17/03/2004 00:20
Comment :
I had a problem that the /usr/bin/spamc | just returned empty mails .. turned out I had two versions installed and when I replaced spamc with "spamassassin" it worked like a charm.. Not sure if anyone can use this to anything interesting anyways ;)
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Author : Legi0n () poste le 25/03/2004 13:44
Comment :
Spamc works with the spamd daemon. This is much faster than piping mail to spamassassin. make sure spamd is running if you are going to send mail to spamc.
There are rc scripts for spamd in the directory you un-tar'd Mail-SpamAssassin-2.xx.tar.gz look in "spamd" directory
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Author : Craig Bruenderman ( poste le 27/03/2004 21:18
Comment :
With Netqmail 1.05, is the QMAILQUEUE patch already applied?
Reply to this comment
Author : sopi20 ( poste le 04/05/2004 16:22
Comment :
i am interested too... I know there's noe patch to qmail-queue aplied, but weather it is the right one.... i dont know...
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Author : Stephan Seitz ( poste le 08/06/2004 10:46
Comment :
netqmail 1.05 has the QMAILQUEUE patch already applied.
Refer to netqmail-1.05/netqmail-1.05.patch
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Author : Delphius (lars dot fredrik ^at^ poste le 28/03/2004 13:00
Comment :
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Author : ggoud ( poste le 02/04/2004 14:34
Comment :
Sorry for this temporarely mail address.

I installed spamassassin with your excellent howto, but I ve some problem when I want to send mail. I've got error 451 qq, and the smptd log say the file /var/spool/qmailscan/tmp already exists.

I don't understant what it will, the folder is own by qscand:qscand.

I use Redhat 7.1, with qmail 1.03,vpopmail and qmail-scanner1.20 (I've a lot of error when tried to use 1.21)

Thanks in advance

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Author : nberry ( poste le 30/04/2004 06:59
Comment :
did you increase your softlimit for qmail-smtpd?
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Author : waraxtle ( poste le 03/02/2006 19:39
Comment :
do you see the permission or own for qmail-queue file in /var/qmail/bin. the first group of permission are rwxs.
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Author : ggoud ( poste le 06/04/2004 12:54
Comment :

I finally find what happened.

I've Rav install on this computer too and there was a conflict between us. They write 2 times the same mail in the temporarly file.

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Author : Nisha (nishathomson) poste le 08/04/2004 21:55
Comment :

I cam across the same problem. Increase the softlimit in qmail-smptd/run file..If that doesn't work too, it might be the problem with locale settings.
In qmail-smptd/run , add LANG= export LANG .

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Author : Dario ( poste le 17/04/2004 18:25
Comment :
I've installed spamassassin and qmail-scanner and they are both working. Problem is that it's not stopping email spams. Looking into the log (qmail-queue.log) it says that it tagged the messages as spam but delivers it without any modification to my email. I'm using also vpopmail. Any hints ?
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Author : nberry ( poste le 30/04/2004 06:57
Comment :
look at your email's headers.. spamassassin should be adding details about its scans there.
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Author : VolVE (volve_at_volved_dot_com) poste le 22/06/2004 12:41
Comment :
This tutorial somehow causes SA to function differently during testing as versus being invokved from qmail-scanner. I have run multiple tests and am unable to make SA obey the /etc/spamassassin/ directives when invokved from qmail-scanner. Simple directives of 'rewrite_subject 1' do not work from qmail-scanner, however X-Spam-Level headers ARE added to all e-mails. To have the subject line changed, one must configure qmail-scanner with '--scanners "fast_spamassassin=[SUBJECT PREFIX TEXT]"' which certainly seems like a kludge at best.

If anyone can figure out why qmail-scanner is not allowing SA to see /etc/spamassassin/, I'd be enternally grateful. (This also defeats the point of having Razor2 or Pyzor installed, because as detailed above, they won't ever be invoked.)

Thanks all, excellent tutorials otherwise! :)

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Author : Taliesin ( poste le 26/08/2004 10:38
Comment :
onfigure qmail-scanner with '--scanners "verbose_spamassassin"'

By doing hte above, it has a more verbose output, and reads from the config file for me, try that and see how you go!
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Author : Arnoud ( poste le 05/05/2004 17:32
Comment :
Please don't forget the comments on the SA website:
" Once identified, the mail can then be optionally tagged as spam for later filtering using the user's own mail user-agent application."

This means the SPAM will still be delivered, just marked as SPAM (look at the messages source) create a server or client filter rule to dump the SPAM mail in another folder like Trash or Spam
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Author : steve ( poste le 19/05/2004 17:34
Comment :

What is the best way to make qmail discard messages that have been tagged as spam by SA, without passing them on to the recipient?

Thank you!!!
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Author : () poste le 07/10/2004 23:49
Comment :
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Author : Vagner Marques ( poste le 06/05/2004 04:33
Comment :

Do you have any ideia of correct path, permissions and options to use the ~/.spamassassin/user_pref with vpopmail??
I have all work fine, but my personal preference dosn´t work :o(
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Author : Gono ( poste le 17/05/2004 09:11
Comment :
On PLESK-Systems use yum from It's a very comfortable and reliable installation routine. It also includes ClamAV and qmail-scanner, if you wish to.
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Author : santiago ( poste le 19/08/2004 18:53
Comment :
I need to uninstall spamassin without cause problem to qmail, because I haver serius problem with qmailscanner, it doestn permit me to send attachment. so how can I do to resolv this
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Author : codefabrik ( poste le 20/09/2004 16:46
Comment :
I installed the Spamassassin/QMail with this manual yesterday and it works perfectly.
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Author : hemberge ( poste le 22/09/2004 20:10
Comment :
qmail-scanner 1.23 does not work properly with vpopmail, because it creates the scanned mail as root and does not change the ownership properly to qscand. Any idea?
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Author : Bill ( poste le 08/10/2004 02:09
Comment :
I am runnign qmail-scanner 1.23 and spamassassin: 2.64 without a problem. I am running the setup but this one is quite similar.
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Author : phentermine ( poste le 24/05/2006 10:58
Comment :
Hi! Good site! I like it! Thank you!
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Author : ilker ARABACI ( poste le 19/10/2004 17:10
Comment :
is there anyone know a tool, webmail addon or a qmailadmin patch for .spamassassin folder configuration under vpopmail user mailboxes..?
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Author : cam () poste le 06/12/2004 08:09
Comment :
I tried this tutorial but it only messed up my queue structure and I had to rebuild qmail to fix the problem. It was giving messages like
"warning: trouble injecting bounce message, will try later"

also, you seem to have conflicting instructions. under "changing the qmail-queue program", you have these instructions:

chmod 777 /home/vpopmail/.spamassassin
chown -R qmailq:qmail .spamassassin
chmod u=rwx,g=rx,o= /home/vpopmail/.spamassassin

so is it chmod 777 or 750?

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Author : orrin ( poste le 24/12/2004 02:09
Comment :
I've tried this how-to but it killed my qmail. Qmail is no longer sorting my mail. I am getting the same problem manik is recieving
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Author : rio ( poste le 09/01/2005 13:30
Comment :
Why qmail with spamassassin always create new directories under "/" folder like

no such user
no such user etc. ?

im using linux redhat 9.

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Author : anonymous ( poste le 25/01/2005 06:55
Comment :
I'm using NetBSD 2.0-RELEASE. I installed spamassassin from pkgsrc. Running spamc manually runs okay. Running it via the modified qmail-queue program does not work. The error I get is:

"451 qq trouble creating files in queue (#4.3.0)"

What am I doing wrong?
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Author : anonymous ( poste le 25/01/2005 19:03
Comment :
I got that error resolved (qmail-queue had the wrong permissions).

Now I'm getting this error:

"451 qq temporary problem (#4.3.0)"
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Author : dillan ( poste le 23/03/2005 09:39
Comment :
Make sure the permissions are right on the queue. Also make sure that any pipes are working in the right direction.
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Author : Steve W. (stevew_at_anon.non) poste le 12/05/2005 18:00
Comment :
"Make sure the permissions are right on the queue."

Which are the right permissions? I'm getting the "451 qq trouble creating files in queue (#4.3.0)" error too.
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Author : derdemo ( poste le 20/05/2005 05:35
Comment :
i´ve the same problem and i can´t find a solution to fix the problem. the chmod of files are ok !

my os is suse 9.0 /qmail/

thanx demo
Reply to this comment
Author : aoualim ( poste le 11/12/2005 01:41
Comment :
Make sur perms & owner info for qmail-queue are :
-rws--x--x qmailq qmail qmail-queue
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Author : DNS exploit vulnerability (DNS exploit vulnerability) poste le 06/06/2005 00:19
Comment :
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Author : rico ( poste le 16/06/2005 10:50
Comment :
I get this problem 451 temporary problem (#4.3.0) when i tried to send mail out.

I am using qmail, vpopmail, clamav, spamasssassin and qmailscanner.

any ideas?
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Author : imane ( poste le 02/08/2005 13:18
Comment :
you must to be sure that the permission of qmail-queue is u+s and chmod qmailq:qmail
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Author : Xawiers () poste le 09/11/2005 09:35
Comment :
inclrease softlimit to 10000000 in smtpd service
(run file of daemontools qmail-smtpd service)
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Author : Rob(NY) ( poste le 14/12/2005 21:57
Comment :
How do i install SpamAssassin 3.1, i currectly have 2.6 can i install directly over 2.6? I'm running SuSE 9.2

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Author : Brian ( poste le 22/01/2006 22:47
Comment :
A helpfull script to run the configure script, also so if I ever have to
rebuild my system from scratch, i have a record of how my packages were
built, please feel free to use/modify this.

This was required because I have more than 1 domain listed in my rcpthosts.
This my be because i didnt follow this howto to the 't' but nontheless
it functions the same.

Also seems that --scanners-per-domain does not exist (newer release change, dont
know this is my first time though this)

Instead of --scanners-per-domain I used --setting-per-domain which seems to be the
intended configure option (someone please correct me if I'm wrong).



local_domains=`cat /var/qmail/control/rcpthosts | tr "\n" " "`

# This makes up the user@domain as described by ./configure --help

echo "Craeting Group and User accounts, these might fail if they alread exist!"

groupadd $qs_group
useradd -c "Qmail-Scanner Account" -g $qs_group -s /bin/false $qs_user

./configure --qs-user $qs_user \
--qs-group $qs_group \
--spooldir /var/spool/qmailscan \
--qmaildir /var/qmail \
--bindir /var/qmail/bin \
--qmail-queue-binary /var/qmail/bin/qmail-queue \
--admin-fromname "Mail admin" \
--admin $email_user \
--domain $domain \
--notify admin,recips \
--local-domains "\"$local_domains\"" \
--silent-viruses auto \
--unzip no \
--block-password-protected yes \
--add-dscr-hdrs all \
--archive no \
--redundant yes \
--log-crypto no \
--install \
--sa-sql yes \
--scanners "fast_spamassassin" \
--settings-per-domain yes \
--sa-subject "*****SPAM*****" \
--lang en_GB


Make sure you get the last newline after --lang en_GB
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Author : Stevie ( poste le 16/03/2006 14:03
Comment :
Does anyone know howto tell qmail/spamassassin/vpopmail to bounce (550) an identified spam message back to the sender? I think it would be best done at the smtp-level while communicating with the sender mail server?
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Author : Sharad S. ( poste le 07/07/2006 04:15
Comment :
Great Site ! Thanks lot for documentation. Sharad S.
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Author : Tulor Kleone ( poste le 05/09/2006 15:17
Comment :
Congratulations on a great web site. I am a new computer user and finding you was like coming home. Continued success.
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Author : gp6dquvh ( poste le 20/04/2007 11:50
Comment :
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Author : gp6dquvf ( poste le 20/04/2007 11:50
Comment :
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Comment closed because of the spam