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Commentaire de: glandium [Visiteur]
glandiumDid you also account for change of employment for those @gmail, etc.?
23.07.12 @ 00:13
Commentaire de: Sylvestre [Membre] Email
SylvestreNo, I didn't. I am using the email addresses registered in the LLVM VCS.
23.07.12 @ 00:29
Commentaire de: point [Visiteur]
pointWhat is your point? LIcense is owned by U of Illinois Code owners are all employed by Apple. None of the Google employees have contributed any significant code aside from Richard Smith. Apple also owns WebKit tradmark, OpenCL, libdispath, Objective C. Once again what is your point?
23.07.12 @ 01:34
Commentaire de: jon [Visiteur]
jonThe desperation in your voice is funny point.

I think you know perfectly well what the point is and your response proves it is valid!
23.07.12 @ 03:21
Commentaire de: Nadav [Visiteur]
NadavI think that the number of commits is multiplied by 3.
Also, "Eli Friedman" is with Apple. "Owen Anderson" is with Apple. "Bruno Cardoso Lopes" is academic, AFAIK. "Reid Spencer" did most of his work before joining AutoESL (which is now Xilinx, I think).
23.07.12 @ 11:58